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This project will be to recover discarded furniture and other household items that require restoration and to use local unemployed talent to restore the furniture, with a view to selling it from a shop.

Our aim is not only to restore furniture items back to former glory but more importantly, to provide residents and members of the community who would normally be classed as unemployable (ex pris- oners or long term unemployed) with an opportunity to develop their skills and earn a living.

We have the unrestricted use of a 40ft workshop space in which to hold classes to show residents and members of the community how to restore furniture, with a contemporary twist. The classes will be conducted by a full time carpenter who is also a furniture upholsterer with many years experience in up-cycling household goods, as well as three volunteers who will dedicate their time to this project. Participants in the project will be required to learn how to restore and re-upholster furniture, to drive to the nearby recycling refuse centre to pick out items for recycling and to also assist with the running of the shop.

Once we have accumulated sufficient furniture and other household items, we will open a shop large enough to display the furniture and how it could be set up in a home. This furniture will be for sale at affordable prices.

Some of the items we have up-cycled in the past…


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