Our company was born out of the despair and desperation we see everyday in our community, such a lot of people are caught up in negative mind sets (negativity mainly stemming from their childhood) by not addressing these issues the negative behaviour continues & is passed from generation to generation as a negative mind draws in more negativity leading to a negative state of reality.

A lot of the young people around us don’t seem to have any real focus or direction in life and live in fear, there have been 9 senseless killings of young men in our neighbourhood in the last year and untold near fatal violent attacks, the young people are fast becoming numb to the violence…

We know children who have been raised by alcoholic or drug dependant parents, they as children received little or no guidance, with low self esteem & no self belief they don’t do well at school so feel there is no hope for them to make a better future.

We knew the time was right this year as the doors started opening before we even knocked so we registered our company US NT Limited in June 2015 as a Community Interest Company, we chose a C.I.C as we don’t want to depend on funding & plan to be self sufficient in the future, setting up projects that will sustain both us & people we plan to employ such as long term unemployed and ex offenders.

Our qualifications are a degree in life & skills needed to live productively despite our circumstances….. we can then show them the potential they have inside and empower them to make positive life changes.

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